the ultimate ratchet and clank, pokemon, ssbb and metroid Prime fansite!

Where, brawling, little monsters, a galactic Hero and a space bounty hunter all come together!

The site rules


 site rules:


1. no swearing or cussing

2. no harrassment or threatening

3. be fair

4. no nudity or porn of any sorts

5. You can be any age to join this site.

 6. I'm Sorry but NO advertising.Sorry but if you want to advertise your site you will have to ask me to be an afiliate and when you are an afiliate i will put your link on the sidebar AND on the links section.

7. NO swearing on your Main Profile Pics either.

8. have fun and chat!!!

Forum rules


1. no spamming or trolling

2. no double posting

3. no cussing or swearing

4. NOporn or Nudity




each gym leader or elite 4 must have 1 type and stick to it

 hacked pokemon are acceptable, but no crazy stuff like wonderguard and max stats and crazy moves, if i hear that someone is using these type of pokemon, they will be off of the league.

 if you are a gym or elite 4, you will know because your name will be in the spot that says: pokemon gyms, elite4


A gym leader is limited to 4 ledgendaries and an elite 4 is limited to 5 ledgendaries.


 the challenger can choose whether it is a double battle or single battle or lv100 or free battle

when a challenger beats the gym leader, they will have their name written on the Hall of Fame Page Along with their Profile Picture.


 there can only be 1 type of each pokemon team in both the elite 4 and gym leaders


if you beat the champion you get an extra special prize, it may be hacked.

to show you have beaten the pokemon league and you are a pokemon master trainer and you will be registered in the hall of fame.


There is now also an added bonus, you can also choose to challenge the Frontier Brains and beat them too! Everytime you beat a frontier brain, you will be registered in the Battle Frontier Hall Of Fame.

Each Frontier Brain will have 3 pokemon and the same rules  as the gyms and elite 4, you do not need pokemon platinum to be a frontier brain, it will ALL happen over wifi, same as the gyms and elite 4

Also, For the Gyms you may change your pokemon teambut it must be a mixed team , but when you get to the elite 4 and champion you must keep the same team! Also, For the Elite 4 and Champion, if you lose, you don't start from the Beginning.


Depending on which of my teams you decide to face, you will get a different prize. 



the league has started!


SSBB Classic Challenge

Everyone can have 2 characters

 you can have the same characters

Yes the final boss is open, but only for someone strong enough

Like the pokemon league you must try out, i will try to be on as much as i can.

The name which i brawl you with, will be written here and CANNOT be changed.


I expect the Brawlers to participate to be trustful and honest about who had the victory, and if you lie then you will be taken off of the list .


You will post the challengers loss or win on the forums unless they feel uncomfortable with it.

How To become a moderator.

To become a moderator of the forums or chat room, there must be a certain amount of people on the site, i will update this info, when needed. But in order to be a mod. you must:

Be on the site alot.

Not have a record of breaking the rules.

Must Prove that they are worthy, i will give you moderator rank for a week, and after a week, if you have done well, you may keep it and be a moderator. If you have the moderator rank and you abuse it on your test, it will be taken away from you.


Until another mod. can be selected: 80 members.



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