the ultimate ratchet and clank, pokemon, ssbb and metroid Prime fansite!

Where, brawling, little monsters, a galactic Hero and a space bounty hunter all come together!


The Site

  1. Do You look after the Site? or does someone else do it for you?

    I look after the site, only when i go on holiday do i let someonje look after the site.

  2. Do the "Your Feedback" Forms, get sent to you?

    Yes they do, they are saved into webs and when i go to webs to edit the website i will see your form and this is how i will develop on the site and how it will grow and gradually get better

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The Battle League

  1. When Will the Pokemon Battle League Start!?

    When i have 4 elite 4 and 8 gyms then the League will start.

  2. How do you get Wi-Fi on my Nintendo DS?

    You must connect your DS to a broadband signal.

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