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 Welcome To Neon-Shadow! Let the Neon lights shine through the neverending shadows and let it  guide you through to find your destiny. Your destiny, here at Neon-Shadow!

 Hello Visiter! Welcome to Neon-Shadow. If You are new, you should read the rules before joining. Here are some of the stuff that this site offers for you: A Pokemon Battle League, An SSBB Classic Challenge, An Arcade, Chats, Friend Code Exchanges (For Pokemon Fans), Help and Tips, Pokemon2go, Oh and More Importantly; a helpful and Friendly Community. We have Moderators to help keep the Forums Safe For You to read and join in. The moderators are also happy to help you if you have any problems. Or If You are uncomfortable, find me, Darkneon, and send me a message, and i will be happy to help, whether you are stuck on a game, or need help on the site, So join now, and Enjoys these features today! 


I will post news here every so often so keep checking out this page for more info

 Hi guys, im sorry i havent been on here for quite a while, but i will make an effort to get back into liking pokemon. Ummm.....What else? oh yes, please join in the conversations about the new 5th generation pokemon! have fun guys,



 Battle League rules If you are a challenger every time you beat a gym leader or elite 4 or frontier brainyou write their badge name on your profile. and if you are a gym leader or elite 4 or frontier brain, you must write your own badge name on your profile. If you are not happy with the name of your badge let me know. and every time a gym/e4 or frontier brain beats a challenger they get a prize too! Though it may be hacked depending on what pokemon you ask for.

TO EVERYONE: Ventus has quit the battle league, you will have to wait until i can find a replacement, so no gym battles are official until the league reopens. and SpaceyMountain, When it opens you must battle KYLE A.S.A.P or you will be removed too.


 Battle League Rules:

Challengers must have mixed teams and can change them when battling the gyms. 

When facing the Elite 4, challngers cannot change their teams.

If they lose to an elite 4, they don't start all over again, they just have a rematch.

 and the rest of the rules are on the site rules page under pokemon battle league rules.







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